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Northside Theatre Company

Dear Friends and Family of Northside Theatre Company,

I am very sad to announce that, after 43 years, Northside Theatre Company is closing.

There are many things we have survived in the past 5 years. Richard's death, the Flood, the Fire, the Reconstruction of Olinder Center, and the Covid Shutdown. But there is one thing we are not able to survive, not being approved for re-entry to Olinder Center under the Reuse Program. 

As some of you may know, Northside operates out of Olinder Center based on the fact that we are part of the Reuse Program (now called the NCPP). Until now Parks and Recreation have agreed that we provided a community service, and that we were allowed to operate out of Olinder Center without paying rent. That is how we have survived since Richard founded Northside. This year the NCPP program has decided that we do not meet the goals and objectives of the NCPP Program.  I have fought against this, but, based on our contract, Parks and Recreation has the right to say no. They have exercised that right. And legally, there is nothing I can do. Without access to the Olinder space, and especially after Covid closures, we find ourselves in the position of having to close our doors. 

Please understand that this letter is not a call to arms. NCPP has done nothing wrong. For as long as Northside has operated at Olinder Center, we were under a Reuse contract, which needed to be renewed every three years. NCPP gets to decide which programs operate within San Jose City community centers and which don't. And while, of course, I am extremely disappointed, these were always the terms of our contract. We have had a very good working relationship with Parks and Recreation for 43 years and they are allowed to make this choice. 

But here is the important part, even though we are closing, this takes nothing from what Northside means to all of us. It is still the theatre company that Richard Orlando founded. It is still the place where we learned what Art is, it is still the place we made lifelong friends, it is still the place that was our home. Nothing can take that away.

Richard created something beautiful, something essential to us all, and just because we are closing down after 43 years, it doesn't take anything away from that. It never will.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you. For your dedication, your support, your talent, and your hard work. Northside has always survived and thrived because we are a team. Richard knew that, JR knows that, I know that. Thank you for everything you have done.

I know this is heartbreaking news, and I'm so sorry. But, and this is what is most important, Richard's legacy will always survive. Because, WE are Richard's legacy. We always have been and we always will be.

Thank you again for your love and support.

With all my love,

Meredith King
Managing Artistic Director
Northside Theatre Company

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